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Sec Defense

SEC investigations can destroy reputations, result in the loss of a lucrative profession or, if the case goes criminal, result in long prison sentences. Experienced SEC defense counsel may greatly minimize those consequences.

Sec Whistleblower

Successful whistleblower claimants need experienced counsel to maximize the value of their SEC whistleblower and other federal bounty claims. Experienced counsel is best able to protect claimants’ anonymity, maximize the value of a claimants’ evidence and increase the likelihood that claimants’ tips will be pursued.

Experience Matters

The SEC is an independent commission staffed mainly with lawyers and accountants that is charged with protecting investors in the American financial markets.  Since its formation in 1934, the SEC has developed its own internal policies, rules and customs for the enforcement of the federal securities laws.  Practitioners without insight into the Commission’s bureaucratic traditions may run serious risks of not obtaining the best possible results for their clients.  


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