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SEC Whistleblower Claims

Successful whistleblower claimants need experienced counsel to maximize the value of their SEC whistleblower and other federal bounty claims. Experienced counsel is best able to protect claimants’ anonymity, maximize the value of a claimants’ evidence and increase the likelihood that claimants’ tips will be pursued.

With 22 years experience preparing SEC cases for prosecution and resolving those prosecutions, Alex Rue is uniquely experienced to maximize the value of your claim.

Alex Rue has uncommon experience getting matters prosecuted by the SEC. His knowledge of which cases get prosecuted and which ones don’t maximizes the likelihood that his clients’ claims will get the attention required for any recovery. Mr. Rue has a deep understanding of what moves the staff to prosecute one case and ignore another. His clients benefit from that experience. See Whistleblower Basics.

Photograph of the Estes Kefauver Federal Building at 801 Broadway in Nashville, TN. Opened in 1957. Hard to call this one a historic beauty. Venue for SEC v. Park and SEC v. Vallett. See http://www.alexruelaw.com/representive-cases

Who are Likely Successful Claimants

As a consequence of likely limitations on whistleblower recoveries, Alex Rue focuses his whistleblower practice on those cases most likely to generate a real economic recovery for his claimants.  Whistleblower claims from corporate insiders with emails and other evidence establishing accounting violations or foreign corrupt payments often result in large recoveries and mesh well with the SEC’s programmatic goals.  On the other hand, tips gleaned from publicly available information concerning suspected manipulations in the penny stock market or concerning suspected insider trading likely will not often be pursued because they contain little evidence and require extensive investigation, involve violations with a small economic impact or because the SEC lacks resources to pursue them.

Bounties for People Smart Enough to Walk Away from "too good to be true" Deals

The only case where the SEC has paid a whistleblower claim provides a road map to a likely, but often ignored, category of bounty cases: ongoing offering frauds and Ponzi schemes.  These cases often eliminate recovery problems because the SEC files cases involving ongoing frauds by seeking temporary restraining orders and assets freezes.  By capturing assets at the beginning of a case, a critical component of a whistleblower recovery is satisfied and the SEC must then establish liability as a predicate of distributing the frozen assets to the victim/investors.  Moreover, a much larger group of potential claimants exist than the number of more typical corporate insider claimants.

Anyone who is presented with or hears from friends about an investment opportunity that appears “too good to be true” may have a potential claim and access to witnesses who have invested or received promotional materials concerning the investment. Attorneys experienced in prosecuting these sorts of fraud, like Mr. Rue, can often put a case together with little more than statements from witnesses who have been offered the fraudulent investment and the inherent likelihood that a scheme promising a return too good to be true must simply be fraudulent. The other inherent advantage of offering fraud claims is that if they are ongoing, the SEC must address them to prevent the damage from increasing.

If you or your friends are presented with an investment that seems to promise returns outside of a normal range, please seek a free initial consultation with Alex Rue. Mr. Rue can protect your anonymity in many circumstances and has the experience to document the fraud in a way most likely to secure SEC action. Remember, you may learn facts that could generate a handsome bounty on the golf course, at a meeting of seniors or through activities at your church. A free consultation with Mr. Rue about an investment that arouses your suspicions may generate a bounty for you that you never anticipated. Mr. Rue may be reached through the Contact form available on this website or by telephone at 404 808-1397.



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